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Mind the Curve by John Keating – discounted price now $20.00
Mind the Curve!
The definitive history of Melbourne’s cable trams. Our city had the largest cable tram system in the world operated as a single integrated entity between 1885 and 1940, dwarfing the survivng cable tram lines in San Francisco.
Bondi to the Opera House: the trams that linked Sydney by Dale Budd and Randall Wilson – discounted price now $29.95
Bondi to the Opera House
A photographic review of Sydney in the tramway era (1879-1961), together with contemporary views showing how much the city by the harbour has changed.
The Golden City and its Tramway by Alan Bradley – discounted price now $10.00
The Golden City and its Tramway
A history of Ballarat tramways. This city was founded on gold, and its horse and electric tramway system was one of the longest lived of Victoria’s regional tramways, only closing in 1971.
Tasmania’s Trolley Buses by Ian G. Cooper – discounted price now $50.00
Tasmania's Trolley Buses
From 1935 in Hobart and 1951 in Launceston, electric trolleybuses provided urban public transport to Tasmania’s two cities. This definitive work from transport historian Ian G. Cooper tells the story of the trolleybuses from their beginning until their untimely demise.
More Trams and Streetscapes – Metropolitan Melbourne 1950s-1960s – a photographic profile by Lindsay Crow, Colin Pike and John Sargent – discounted price now $35.00
More Trams and Streetscapes
An excellent companion volume to the now out-of-print Trams and Streetscapes containing high quality large format colour photographs of Melbourne’s trams in the 1950s and 1960s.
Australasia’s Tramways by Marc Fiddian – $14.95
Australasia's Tramways
A series of interesting historical triptychs about trams and tramways in Australia and New Zealand.
Australian Trams Through the Ages – hardcover $59.95, or softcover Part 1 ($24.95) and Part 2 ($24.95)
Australian Trams Through the Ages
A comprehensive photographic essay of historic and contemporary Australian tramways across the decades in one hardback volume. Also available as two paperback volumes.
A Brief History of the Melbourne, Brunswick & Coburg Tramways Trust by Bob Prentice – $7.00
A Brief History of the MBCTT
Discover the highly successful but short-lived northern suburbs tramway trust – a rattling good read that gives an insight into the development of the electric tramways in Melbourne during the second decade of the twentieth century.
City & Glenelg by Brian Andrew – $70.00
City & Glenelg
A wonderful photographic essay covering the history of Adelaide’s City to Glenelg line, from its beginning as a railway operated by steam locomotives, then as Australia’s only electric interurban to its current incarnation as a modern light commuter service.
Clang, Clang, Clang by Marc Fiddian – $14.95
Clang, Clang, Clang
A fascinating historical review of over one hundred years of Melbourne’s tramways, from the beginning of the cable trams in 1885 through to the 1990s.
Destination Newcastle by Greg and Sylvia Ray – $39.95
Destination Newcastle
A wonderful collection of black and white photographs of life in Newcastle, from the collection of transport enthusiast Ken Magor. This amazing volume shows the dying days of Newcastle’s tramway system, as well as beautifully detailed photos documenting the steam railways of the time.
Destination Waterfront City by Randall Wilson and Dale Budd – $69.95 (hard cover), $59.95 (soft cover)
Destination Waterfront City
An essential guide for any tramway enthusiast who wants to know the technical details of all of Melbourne’s current service tramcars and light rail vehicles. Over 120 photographs and diagrams together with detailed maps of the Melbourne tram system.
Feeding & Filling by Graeme Breydon – $4.50
Feeding & Filling
Now back in stock.
A short but informative booklet on the history of the Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust. This municipal tramway system in the south-eastern suburbs was one of the predecessors off the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board.
The First Electric Road by Robert Green – $14.95
The First Electric Road
The definitive history of the short-lived Box Hill to Doncaster Tramway – the Southern Hemisphere’s first electric tram line. This ill-conceived venture came unstuck due to the failure of the land-boom of the 1890s.
Juggernaut! A Story of Sydney in the Wild Days of the Steam Trains by David Burke – $15.00
Sydney once ran the world’s largest steam tram network. Find out about the drama and danger of its operation, and the origin of the Australian expression “shoot through like a Bondi tram”.
Last Tram at 11 by William F. Scott – $59.95
Last Tram at 11
The history of the regional Victorian tramways of Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. These tramways were all operated by private electricity companies, before they fell under the control of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.
Launceston Municipal Transport 1911-1955 by Ian G. Cooper – $54.95
Launceston Municipal Transport 1911-1955
The complete story of one of the quaintest tramways in Australia, an essential part of the development of Tasmania’s second city for forty-four years.
The Melbourne Tram Book, 2nd edition by Randall Wilson and Dale Budd – $25.00
The Melbourne Tram Book, 2nd edition
A pictorial review of Melbourne’s historic tramway system, the largest in the English speaking world. This book provides a valuable insight into the neophyte enthusiast into our city’s tramways.
Newcastle Trams Remembered by Noel Reed et al – $39.95
Newcastle Trams Remembered
A pictorial review of the last days of Newcastle’s tramway system from 1947 to 1950, including photos by noted Australian tramway enthusiast Noel Reed.
The Northern Lines by Neville Smith – $6.00
The Northern Lines
Discover the role trams played in the development of Adelaide’s northern suburbs. A useful source of information for the dedicated tramway enthusiast.
One American too many – Boss Badger and the Brisbane Trams by David Burke – $29.95
One American too many
Joseph Badger was a man of his time. An energetic American engineer, he ran the Brisbane Tramway Company for twenty-seven years from its beginning to its acquisition by the government, through one of the stormiest eras of Queensland political history. A must read for anyone interested in the history of Australian tramways.
Parade to Kensington by Neville Smith – $6.00
Parade to Kensington
A fascinating short review of the history of Adelaide’s Kensington & Norwood tram routes, an essential part of the tramway system of the city of churches.
“Please step inside” – a nostalgic look at Australian tramways in the 1950s compiled by Carl Segnit – $39.95
Please step inside
A nostalgic photographic essay of Australian trams in the 1950s, filled with rare images of streetscenes in vibrant colour. The title of this publication is derived from a tram sign which politely invited Melburnians to board their iconic W class trams.
Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust: Melbourne’s foremost municipal tramway by Ian A. Brady – $59.95
Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust
An exciting new history of the largest of the pre-M&MTB municipal tramways trusts of Melbourne.
Ryle’wy: How the horse buses transformed Sydney by Duncan MacAuslan– $59.95
A newly released history of horse-drawn transport in Sydney from 1840 to 1920.
A Short History of the North Melbourne Electric Tramways & Lighting Company by K.S. Kings – $10.00
A Short History of the North Melbourne Electric Tramways & Lighting Company
Adapted from the original 1966 work by Keith S. Kings, this booklet tells the story of the privately-owned North Melbourne Electric Tramways & Lighting Company.
A Short History of the Victorian Railways Trams by David Frost – $10.00
A Short History of the Victorian Railways Trams
The two tramlines operated by Victorian Railways in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne are long gone and forgotten. This booklet provides an interesting historical sketch of a distant time and place, when the latest in urban public transport was the electric street railway.
The Southern Lines by Neville Smith and John Radcliffe – $6.00
The Southern Lines
The transition from horse trams to electric trams is only part of the story of Adelaide’s southern routes. Discover how they influenced the development of the southern suburbs.
Tracing Trams Through Sydney by Jim Longworth – $49.95
Tracing Trams Through Sydney
An invaluable guide for fossickers and amateur archaeologists determined to see the traces that electric trams left on Sydney, complete with maps to help find signs of what was once Australia’s largest tramway system.
Tram Images by Hugh Ballment – $39.95
Tram Images
A nostalgic photographic journey on the tramways of Australia and New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s, by noted tramway enthusiast and photographer Hugh Ballment.
More Tram Images by Hugh Ballment – $59.95
More Tram Images
If you liked Tram Images, you will love the new More Tram Images, with the added bonus of a DVD that includes footage (largely filmed by the author) from the 1950s of trams in Sydney, Wellington, Perth and other cities.
Tramcars & Trolleybuses In & Around Port Adelaide by Neville Smith – $6.00
Tramcars & Trolleybuses In & Around Port Adelaide
The story in pictures and words of the Port Adelaide tram and trolleybus system. Electric traction provided public transport to this gritty workingman’s suburb for decades, before it fell to the domination of the diesel omnibus.
Trams of Australia – Volume 2 – $11.95
Trams of Australia, Volume 2
A colourful pictorial review of Australian trams in two large format volumes.
Tramway by the River by Bob Prentice – $10.00
Tramway by the River
The story of the short-lived Hawthorn Tramways Trust, the organisation responsible for the construction of Hawthorn Depot, now the home of the Melbourne Tram Museum.

Books for kids

Ghost Tram by Robert Lastdrager – $15.00
Ghost Tram
A whimsical allegory for life at journey’s end, Ghost Tram wends its way through old Melbourne at night. For children aged 5 to 12 and adults young at heart.
When you go to Melbourne by Maree Coote – $25.00
When you go to Melbourne
Appealing to kids and adults alike, a colourful romp through the delights of Melbourne. Solve the puzzles by seeking out the hidden motifs in every page. A wonderful momento of Melbourne and its trams.